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September 1, 2007
by Carrie
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woo hoo!

Hey . . . hey!!! IT’S GAMEDAY!!! FOO’BALL! Ohboyohboyohboyohboy!

September 12, 2006
by Carrie
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Steven’s heading out to San Fransisco for a conference this week. In fact, he’s on a plane way above the earth as I type. I don’t like planes — I think I’ve mentioned this before. I keep reloading the flight … Continue reading

August 25, 2006
by Carrie
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Hey . . . HEY!!! A week from tomorrow . . . it’s, it’s, it’s GAMEDAY!!! And this year we will live up to this. I have no fear. Hear the tigers roar.

January 17, 2006
by Carrie
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for sale by owner

So, here I am. In Auburn. And Steven? Uhh, he might be in Birmingham. Working. Working at a new job in Birmingham. Maybe. I’m still in Auburn. For now. Hey . . . guess who’s moving? _______________________________ And so it … Continue reading