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December 24, 2015
by Carrie
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christmas eve update

Sam had Santa cracking up with his endless talk of Godzilla. Lydia, however, had heard it all before. Times the cat has eaten the tree and barfed: 0! Times the cat has climbed inside the tree and set Mommy’s blood … Continue reading

June 25, 2015
by Carrie
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watson’s big adventure

I wiggle my feet a lot. It’s just a little habit I have. I rarely even notice when I’m doing it. It’s also genetic, apparently. One afternoon at a family get-together my half-first cousin, once removed, (yeah) noticed this and … Continue reading

December 25, 2014
by Carrie
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christmas, a reminiscence

Earlier this week we were at my sister’s house to celebrate a combination Christmas/Jonathan’s first birthday. Christmas just got that much more interesting. My sister and I reminisced on how excited we would get before Christmas — Christmas Eve was … Continue reading

December 19, 2014
by Carrie
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surprise surprise surprise

One year ago today I was suddenly in Auburn, reeling in shock along with my sister and brother-in-law as we marveled at their surprise Christmas baby. Happy Birthday, Jonathan!