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a storm of spoilers

Oi! Don’t read this incredibly funny story if you are watching The Game of Thrones or haven’t read all the books yet! Ye be warned!


Steven and I have recently been indulging in the commentaries provided with the DVD set of the Game of Thrones I received for my birthday. Now, we both read the books that were available way back when we were living in Auburn, so it’s been a blast to see the characters come alive on screen. Mind, Auburn was a very long time ago.

Last night we were watching one of these commentaries when Peter Dinklage, the actor who plays Tyrion, remarked in the commentary that he had not read all the books, and was just keeping up with where his character was in the script in order to keep from getting ahead of his character’s journey.

This makes sense, but I imagine it must be hard to keep from getting spoiled, and I said so to Steven.

“I mean, there are some crazy fans out there. What if one of them ran up to him and said, ‘Hey Tyrion, you kill your dad!’ ”

Steven turned to me, eyes wide, and said, “What??”

“What??” I said back. Steven continued to look at me funny, then the wheels started to click. He never read the fourth book when it came out.


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