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i am lost without my Boswell

We are on a cat-filled journey again. Yesterday, we welcomed a long, black kitty into our home, which has been overly devoid of cats lately. Once we all get used to each other, all shall be well again.

Though I had been contemplating the idea of CATS for a while, I didn’t expect it to happen yesterday. This little booger was in the care of a friend of my aunt’s and she had been trying to find it a nice home. Yesterday afternoon, I happened to be over at my aunt and uncle’s house when this lady called, practically in tears, to see if I could take the cat.

Well, there’s just no refusing that.

Steven wasn’t particularly surprised when I finally arrived home yesterday afternoon, towing in a cat along with the two super-excited kids. Just another day, man.

Thankfully, the kids don’t seem to phase him much. At five months old he’s still a kid himself, and he has bounced and sprinted all over the place. I have forgotten how active kittens are!

We pondered and debated names last evening into today. Nothing was really sliding into place like Renton’s (druggy look) and Hermione’s (too damn smart for her own good) did. Finally, Steven sat at his computer and whipped up a randomizer program in the space of 60 seconds and we plugged in our four favorite contenders. I hit ‘ENTER’ and boom — we had a name.


May new cat stories be in our future — but we’ll hope this cat isn’t much of a barfer. Or an overshooter of the litterbox. Or a birther of small children.

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