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winter wonderpoop

Over the past week the weather has been taking us through the emotional wringer with constant threats of snow, none of which ever materialized. Our latest and greatest chance was yesterday. Thankfully, I never mentioned to the kids that it might snow, so they were none the wiser when all it did was rain all day.

Right before the kids went to bed last night, the rain briefly changed over to some big, wet snowflakes. Any snow, including flurries, is an uncommon event here in Alabama, so I called Lydia over to the window to have a look before climbing into bed.

“Come look outside, Lydia,” I offer.

Lydia strolled up and looked out the window with me to see the big fluffy flakes dropping onto the deck. “It’s . . . raining? What is it?” she asked.

“What do you think it looks like, baby?”

“Ewww! It’s bird poop!”

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  1. LOL Well, you tried.