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sleep stories

Sam is beginning to realize he has dreams at night, so he’s usually looking forward to tell me about them in the morning. He hasn’t picked up on the word ‘dream,’ though; he calls them Sleep Stories. Man, he can be so damnably cute!

A few mornings ago he walks into the kitchen after waking up.

“Good morning, Samwise,” I greet him.

“Morning. Mommy, what happens if we don’t have a head?” Sam has been asking a lot of “What happens if . . .” questions, but this one takes me a bit by surprise. Lydia answers for me.

“We wouldn’t be able to live, so we’d die!” she cheerfully replies to Sam.

“Ohh,” Sam muses. He nonchalantly adds, “I had a Sleep Story and Lydia didn’t have a head and she came up and hugged me.”

Eeeesh. “Geez, Baby, that sounds more like a Sleep Nightmare!”

“Ohh.” Sam thinks for a minute. “Can I have a cherry Pop Tart?”

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