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the not-so-secret extraction, a.k.a there will be blood

This is another random life story that got pushed aside by trips, weddings, and holidays, but I figured I’d save it until the new year. The last post was almost a novel!


Earlier I wrote about Sam’s secret tooth extraction. Well, you know how it goes with teeth, right? They come in pairs.

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving I was driving down the interstate with the kids in tow. Tuesday is Errand Day, and this Tuesday had extra errands in preparation for Thanksgiving. We had already gone to Sam’s play appointment and through Costco, which was a madhouse. I was a little keyed up and was ready to be done.

We were almost to Pelham, gearing up to hit the grocery store, when the giggling laughter from the backseat changed to a slow wail, then quickly grew to a blood curdling scream.

That is never a sound you want to hear when you’re flying 70 miles an hour through nutty traffic.

“What?! What happened?” I asked, looking through the rear view mirror at Lydia.

Lydia stared back at me, eyes wide as saucers, and said, “Sam just pulled out a tooth! There’s blood!”

What?? I just checked that tooth last night and it wasn’t loose at all!

I glance briefly at Sam through the mirror and holy crap look at all the blood!

We were blessedly near our exit, so I told Sam over and over it was going to be fine while I navigated us off the exit ramp and over to a gas station. I was ever so glad to see they were well-stocked in those little paper towels next to the windshield washing paraphernalia.

It took a few minutes to calm Sam down and get him cleaned up a bit. Once he was settled, Lydia managed to find the tooth sitting between him and his seat belt.

And what a tooth it was! He had pulled out his tooth, root and all! No wonder he was screaming.



You know, Sam, people usually get numbed up for something like that.

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