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the devil’s spawn

Earlier I see the kids messing around with some water that has been sitting out on the back deck for a while. Afraid they’re thinking about drinking the water, I pop outside to see what they’re up to.

“There’s little things swimming in the water!” Lydia exclaims. “We’re pretending they’re baby frogs, so we’re going to feed them!”

“Yeah, they’re frogs!” Sam chimes in.

I bend down to look closely and I recognize the wiggling forms as mosquito larvae. Dang it, it’s barely March. Are we really that close to Mosquito Time?

“Those aren’t frogs, those are mosquito larvae. I’ll have to dump this water out later,” I inform them.

“Awwwwwwww,” sigh the kids.

“I can’t let them grow up, soon they’ll fly around and suck your blood!”

“But they’re so cute!” Lydia protests.

“Well, they can be cute now, but Daddy is going to murder them when he gets home.”

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