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time to boat

It’s voting time again. Like most people, I’m ready for this election to be over. Almost there — woooooo!

I ended up bringing both kids with me to vote today. Steven’s working from home and the kids did have the option to stay there with him, but Lydia, who has been learning about the Electoral College, wanted to come. Once Sam realized Lydia was going somewhere, he just had to go, too.

“Buddy, we’re just going to vote. It won’t take long and it will be a bit boring,” I caution.

“No, I’m coming.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

So Sam tagged along for the ride. Thankfully, our polling station is well-organized and we were in and out within ten minutes.

As we come outside of the building, Sam looks around and asks, “Where’s the lake?”

“Huh? What lake, buddy?”

“The lake.”

“There isn’t any lake, Sam,” Lydia replies.

“But . . . you said we were going to boat!”

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