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allergies are optional

A few weeks ago we planned to attend a hockey game in town, but through an unfortunate set of circumstances we ended up in a movie theater instead.

Sam jabbered away about the strongest Godzillas while we waited for the movie to start. The movie screen was subjecting us to a smorgasbord of commercials when suddenly an Allegra commercial came on, imploring us to remember the other patrons in the movie theater: no talking, please turn off your cell phones . . . **big sneeze** and turn off your allergies.

Yeah, okayyyyy, because that’s super easy. Why didn’t I think of that?

A few minutes later Allegra was back with another winner that showed cute video clips of sneezing animals set to a bouncy little tune. “It’s cute when they sneeze,” Allegra says. “But not when we do it.”

Geez Allegra, thanks for the allergy shaming. Can we just start the movie now?

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