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this is my island in the sun

It’s 33 degrees in Chelsea, Alabama.

In Chicago, Illinois — where I am — it’s 36 degrees.

What the hell? I came up here for some good ol’ Northern Winter Fun Time and it’s warmer here than it is at my house!


  1. It may be warmer there, but Chicago still have plenty of “socially cold” Northerners, right? Right?!

  2. Hey Carrie! I’m glad you and Steven had a good Christmas. That’s cool to go to Chicago. I’ve never been either, but I’d still love to go. Course, I’d have to get tickets to get on Oprah’s show! 😉

    Your tree looks amazing!!! WOW!! It looks like it’s been done by a professional! Great job! 🙂

    We’ve had a great Christmas. By the way, if you wanted some good ol Northern weather…lol…you should have come to Colorado! We’ve had one Blizzard, snow dumped three times now, and we’re going under another Blizzard tonight and into the weekend. This is some coldddd weather! I mean, in Alabama, you get a jacket that’s super light. Here you need a sweater, a jacket, and maybe a bigger jacket just to stay warm. 🙂 Yeah, so I’ve been a little chilly up here. But it sure is pretty!!! Some pretty sights you won’t see in Alabama probably never…

    Well Bonne Anee!!!!!!!! Have fun in Chicago!!!


    P.S. Hopefully I can keep better in touch now that we are settled here and things are calming down. Hubby’s been super busy with military stuff, but he’s getting promoted next week to E5–Sgt!!! YEAH!!! Pay raise!!!! We don’t get big raises or bonuses, so this is great! 🙂

  3. You found the old Prudential Building!! Cool!
    Ah! And the Museum of Natural History. Thoses elephants and dinosaurs have been in the main hall forever. I don’t remember that grumpy looking dude, tho.
    And Navy Pier.

    Garfield Goose for President!!:smile: