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october surprise

The Husband is out of town this week, off to a rare conference and filling his head with all sorts of knowledge and awesomeness. Should be a quiet week here at the abode? Sure. Except something just doesn’t feel right . . .

So this morning, before Lydia woke up, I conducted a little science experiment involving a few months-expired pregnancy test and, of course, pee.

The test was totally positive.

So there I am, still half-asleep (hence no picture) staring at these two lines. This is BIG NEWS, and I have no one to talk to for almost a week. There’s no way I can tell The Husband this over the phone, though a brief mind experiment involving texting a picture of the test to him and imagining his reaction while sitting in a roomful of others trying to listen to the expensive speaker at the front of the room gave me a light chuckle.

I don’t think it’s hit me yet, this other child that is coming. I did have sense enough to pick up another, unexpired test and re-confirm the two lines.

Some quick calculations reveal that the due date is June 23rd, 2010 YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME, but I will bet you right now it’ll be June 14th. Write it down.

I feel fine now, but this time, I know what’s coming . . . the nausea, the extreme tiredness, the HUGENESS, night feedings and crying for no reason.

But also . . .

The cooing, the first smile, the cuddling, that baby-fresh smell, the first laugh, rolling over for the first time, sitting up, crawling, walking, realizing mashed potatoes are manna from Heaven!

Two years apart. Buddy, I got it.

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