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christmastime for tacos

At Christmas last year Lydia was not yet mobile so I had no far for all my Christmas trimmings and trappings. This year, however, I had a great anxiety about how the now-running Lydia would behave with the tree. After all, it’s practically a toy-laden conifer in the eyes of a toddler.

When the tree went up this year I was very particular about which ornaments went where — the few non-breakable ornaments went towards the bottom and everything else went higher-up, out of reach. Last year I had even labeled a box of extra-breakable ornaments “Nervous Ornaments 2008” — they didn’t even go on the tree this year.

Surprisingly, except for one backflipping-of-the-couch-into-the-tree incident, Lydia has done very well with the tree. She knows not to mess with it and she mainly gets a kick out of pointing out all the ornaments and naming them to us: ‘birr,’ ‘durr,’ ‘dada,’ ‘ca-T,’ ‘FFFF,’ ‘OOOH!’ (Translation: bird, door, Santa, cat, tree, ‘It’s all so pretty!’)

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