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two-year-old taco

Miss Lydia turns two today! Oh, what all can change in another year! Despite the cute outfit I had saved for her, she was not ready to face the day this morning. Even the promise of cupcakes later in the day could not bring her to smile.

One year ago, Lydia was yet to walk or to speak. When I look back at the pictures, I’m amazed by how much she still looks “baby-like.”

Now Lydia has mastered walking — and running — quite well and is learning something new in the language department every day. Her newest language skill is putting together small sentences, like, “No no no no NO MORE, Daddy!” She also gets a kick out of phrasing the word ‘No’ very sweetly, starting low then raising the pitch in a cute fashion as if she were asking a question. I have to admit, it does make it easier on the ears.

As with any toddler, she is notoriously picky in the food department. She still has her love of tomato-based pasta dishes and certain fruits that I probably rely on too much, but anything else is not a sure thing. Surprisingly, the food group I have the most problem with is meats. I will have much more luck with green beans, corn, and broccoli than a hot dog, hamburger, or any type of chicken. There’s probably two or three actual dinners that I cook for The Husband and I that she will eat as well. I wonder when this will change?

Then there’s her hair. Ohh, how her hair has grown! I do wish she would let me fix it up more than she would; it is wonderful to run your hands through. Most days now she comes home from daycare with her hair done up in some form or fashion — she trusts someone at daycare enough to mess with her hair. One afternoon she came home with two French braids in her hair; now that takes patience! Ohh, how it curled when we had to undo them.

I think I have an artist on my hands. Lydia is all about anything to do with paints or crayons — “colors,” as she calls it. I’m finding I have an OCD streak when it comes to crayons that I didn’t know I carried, and I cringe when crayons and chalk get broken or the tips get worn down. This will be a cross I’ll just have to bear, for Lydia will use her colors any way she wants.

Just in time for Lydia’s birthday, Sam arrived. Whether they will be very close or not, I just cannot know. Lydia will check on him when he begins to fuss (sometimes she beats me to him) and she sounds excited when she sees him and says his name — “Sham! Sham!” she exclaims. Though she still doesn’t like seeing her daddy holding Sam, she is content enough with it if she can get equally close to him.

Now we begin another year with Lydia, who I’m sure will change as many times again as she has during the past year. It has been breathtaking to see the world through her eyes and I am ready for more.

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