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7/14/99 Day 6 “Bastille Day”

[A continuation of my travel diary from when I went to Europe in 1999. Whenever it happens to be July 14th, I comment to those around me, “Hey, it’s Bastille Day,” and they look at me like I’m nuts. No one around here knows what that is. Thanks to the Parisians, I bloody well know. — Present-day Carrie]

And here I am, riding down the streets of Paris. We’re heading back to the hotel (which is oodles better than the one in London, but not so good of a location) for a while, then back into the city for the festivities. Bastille Day is France’s equivalent to our July 4th. Earlier today we saw Notre Dame. When I get home I’m gonna watch the Hunchback of Notre Dame again cause they drew the church really well. I recognized some of the stained glass windows & such; it was weird. We also went all over Paris w/ this tour guide (*unintelligible* pointing out stuff, but I was dead asleep most of the time. Saw the Arc de Triomphe real quick, & we got out to take pictures of the Tour d Eiffel (Eiffel Tower). Hope the picture came out.

Then we got to walk around a bit. Went to some cafe shop thing, & that was the best cafe au lait I have ever had.

Steven and I also shared a rich chocolately ice cream thing. The food here is better than London, but London is so much easier to walk around in. I could be a Londoner. These French people are a little (ha!) bit ruder.

The Sacre Coeur (bigger)

Inside Notre Dame (bigger)

A bit more Notre Dame (bigger)

Proof I was there (bigger)

Dancing street musicians (bigger)

Metro Map (bigger)

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