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February 3, 2020
by Carrie
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Lydia, with genuine interest: “Whatcha doin’, Mom?” Me: “Sweeping the rug.” Lydia, immediately disinterested, “Whatever.”

July 9, 2019
by Carrie
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eleven year old taco

Eleven years old, but this taco is still just as crispy as ever! Some days we all end up getting crispy on the soccer fields! So . . . eleven. After the past few years of huge changes, I feel … Continue reading

February 12, 2019
by Carrie
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kitchen complaints, episode fourteen

This dinner is already not going well because Manwich saw fit to make a Bourbon Barbeque version of their Sloppy Joe mix in an uncannily similar package. Why would you do that to me, Manwich?? This exotic flavor is summarily … Continue reading