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major award

Hermione is mad at us. She watches with disdain as I put clothes, my cluster of hair care products, and swimsuits into a bag. She knows, and she doesn’t like it.

Steven and I are off on a bit of an excursion.

See, there was one more crazy thing that happened during the kidney stone debacle that I left off, since the story was already nuts. The night I got home from the hospital (the first time), Steven got a major award from work, something even better than a leg lamp. He won the “Achiever’s Club” award, which means we get to go on a trip (with some other winners) to St. Maarten/St. Martin. It’s a confusing island that has two countries on it.

January moved into May real fast, and we’re off in the early butt-crack of dawn. Unfortunately, there are a few planes involved. Least favorite way to travel. I try not to think about it too much lest I freak out.

Oh God.