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Londinium: Day 1 “Travel Day”

Like last time, I kept up a journal during our trip to London, only this time I wrote it on my phone. Makes for easy copy and pasting!

I’m going to dole it out in increments, so it won’t be to overwhelming. So we begin with . . .

Day 1: Travel Day <9/3/13>

Despite I-20’s attempts to thwart us, we made it to the Birmingham airport with time to spare. So now we sit. I’m waiting until an hour before takeoff to take my I-don’t-care pill. Ready to get drugged.

We’ll pop over from BHAM over to Atlanta, then when it’s about bedtime, we’ll begin the long flight to London. Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep. I didn’t sleep a wink last time. Apparently I’m able to sleep anywhere at all, except on a plane.

Last time (in 1999) we were in London for about two days. This time we’ll be there for seven. Looking forward to seeing what all we get to do. We skipped some obvious things last time, such as the Tower of London, ALL of the museums, and the London Wall. Some things weren’t there in 1999, like the London Eye and Tate Modern.

I asked Cathy what she wanted me to get her from the trip and she said, “Prince William.” I asked Lydia the same thing and she said,” A castle.” Two of a kind, they are.

Seven more minutes until my pill.

Seven long minutes.


Survived BHM to ATL. Think two pills would’ve worked better. Had a lovely fish taco dinner at the ATL airport, though there were supposedly pumpkin seeds on them. I picked them off, just to be safe. Will not have a repeat of Italy before I’ve even left the States.

Waiting to board for London. Going to be a full flight. Really hope I can sleep — another pill at the ready.

Supposed to begin boarding in eight minutes.

In home news, Sam pooped in the potty at daycare today! Yay!

Seven minutes. Almost pill time. I now pronounce us ready to sleep.

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