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Londinium: Day 3 “Off to the Tower Day”

Thursday, 9/5/13

Skipped a day already, haven’t I? Well, we lost a good half day just due to flying over the Atlantic. Our 5am is noonish over here.

We took the Tube from the airport to our hotel; well, the vicinity of our hotel. After a little fumble near South Kensington, we made it to Bayswater, and the walk from the station to the hotel wasn’t as long as I was expecting.

Our hotel is nice indeed, though small. They do run small in Europe. Our room, including the bathroom, is maybe the size of Lydia’s room.

We dropped off our stuff and went walking for somewhere to eat, which we soon found in the form of Gourmet Burger. I had a fantastic chicken sandwich with avocado and bacon. The guys got burgers and milkshakes.

Afterwards, we walked down to Hyde Park. It was a very nice day — sunny, temperature about 80F — so all of London was relaxing in the park.

As we walked down the path that backs up to Kensington Palace, a helicopter flew close. Didn’t think much of it until it came closer and closer, them we watched as it landed right on the palace grounds.

“Well, this might be somebody,” I thought. Police were posted along the fence line, and I just noticed they had massive guns.

The helicopter had royal insignia on it, then Prince Charles popped out, happy as you please!

We walked around the park some more and rested in the Italian Gardens.

After a bit, we hopped back on the Tube over to St. Paul’s.

Since it was rush hour, the Tube was nuts. We walked around St. Paul’s then we crossed the Thames via the Millenium Bridge toward Tate Modern, which was already closed.

We got back to the north side of the river via Southwark Bridge, then back to Bayswater via the Tube, which was still crowded and hot.

Grabbed a sandwich to take back to the hotel then passed out around 8 pm.

Now I’m finally to today, and it’s already 10:00. I’m on the Tube again, and we’re on our way to the Tower of London. Off at the next stop. Temperature on the Tube is directly related to the amount of people on it.


Ten hours later . . .

I think that was the most I’ve walked in one day in my life. We covered just shy of 15 miles. Only got one blister!

We ended up at the Tower of London for about four hours. It was totally wicked. So so fantastic to walk around and touch the buildings that are near 1,000 years old, thinking of all the many people that were there over the past centuries. Surrounded by history.

We snagged a quick sandwich afterwards and walked across London Tower Bridge, then down the South Bank, ever so slowly heading toward the London Eye. We ended up on a market at some point where I had to try a tiramisu cheesecake.

We got to the Eye around 4, and took our turn around 5ish. It was quite a sight; many pictures taken.

We crossed the Thames to the Embankment via the Golden Jubilee Bridge. We milled around from there to the Houses of Parliament to Westminster Abbey to St. James Park then back to the Embankment.

Dinner at a pizza place, quick pictures of the Eye and various London at night, then back on the Tube to Bayswater, which took a while due to ‘signal failures.’

Shouldn’t be doing as much walking tomorrow. It’s supposed to be rainy and cooler (horray for cooler).

Ohhh, my feet.

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