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Londinium: Day 8 “Travel Home Day”

Saturday Sept 10

I’m sitting in Bayswater station, and have been for some 15 minutes now, waiting on a district line train. Waiting.

Time to get to the freaking airport, and some signal failure at Baker st has caused mass chaos on the Underground. Two hours till takeoff, still have a 30-40 minute Tube ride plus airport security, and here I am. Waiting.

Oh holy mother of God.


Okay, it’s now 12:12 p, some 30 minutes later, and we’re finally on the Picadilly Line to Heathrow. Grr.

On the upside, this morning we still had some time before we needed to head out (or so we thought) so we went up to the British Library, since it houses Magna Carta.

It was so fantastic, there were two of the four extant copies of Magna Carta, plus the room was filled with fantastic items such as a Tyndale bible, a letter from Elizabeth I to Edward VI and one from her to Mary, a letter from Mary to Katherine Parr, manuscripts by Hyden, Mozart, Handel, and Elgar; copies of Beowulf, Shakespearian and Marlowe plays, and just lots and lots.

Wish we had more time there. I wish I could have picked up all those books and smelled them. I bet it’s intoxicating. Unfortunately, we couldn’t even take any pictures, so I bought a book.

Overall, it was a fantastic trip, and I could so totally live in the city, but I need my kids. I miss them very much and am very ready to get home. Ohh, I can’t wait for hugs from them. Won’t be until tomorrow, though. 🙁

Also wish I could take the weather with me. It’s been about mid 60s mostly, but the high in dear old Chelsea today is 91. Barf. Stupid subtropical climate.


It’s now 1:54 and we made it on the plane! Sheesh. Apparently we look a little suspect because both Steven and I were hand-searched a couple of times. Their metal detectors seem a bit more sensitive.

So I’m on the plane, pill taken, and ready as I can be for this long-ass flight.

I shall miss London. Glad to be seeing the kids again, and ready for people to walk correctly on the sidewalk, but I shall miss the hustle and bustle of this fabulous city.

28 minutes to takeoff.

I will miss the walking. Once my body was over the shock of the sheer amount of walking I was doing, it began to crave it. Anything less than 10 miles and I was aching for more. I think we got in about seven to ten this morning — we walked from the hotel to Oxford St tube station.

If I get three miles on the treadmill at home I feel accomplished.

22 minutes until takeoff.

19 minutes until takeoff. Ahh, there are the pills. Time to float.

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