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it wasn’t that bad

Usually I’m a big fan of winter, but I am so completely DONE with this winter. Just a few weeks ago Steven was snowed in at work for two days, and now we’re being threatened again with two different icy snow events this week. If it could hold off until tomorrow at least — Steven has a doctor’s appointment this afternoon that he’d rather not miss. It’s with Dr. Navigator — remember him?

Last summer we finally quit procrastinating and had Dr. Navigator perform the ol’ snip ‘n’ tuck on Steven. No big deal, everything went about as lovely as one can expect for that sort of thing, and this bit of knowledge is important for this story. Trust me.

What? No! No, I’m not pregnant. Oh my god, can you just imagine?!

Anyway . . .

Last week, Steven got himself an appointment after he realized it was becoming painful for him to perform certain . . . deeds. LOOKOUT I’M TALKING ABOUT SEX HOLY CHEESE BISCUITS! This is apparently something that can happen. By Sunday my extreme sexiness overcame Steven’s fear of pain, so we got down to business. Yeah, baby.

As things wrapped up, Steven declared with a sigh of relief, “It wasn’t that bad.”

It. Wasn’t. That. Bad.






I sure hope there is no sleet, snow, or ice so Steven can go see Dr. Navigator today.

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