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that’s questionable

I often find myself remarking on the amount of questions Lydia asks me during any given day. She questions everything. So this past Monday, I wrote down every question she asked throughout the day, minus all the weird little situations (mumbling, questions while driving in the car, etc.). Here’s what I came up with.


“Mama, do spiders like to hide in the hole in the middle of the paper towel?”

“Mama, can I play a game on Daddy’s iPad?”

“Mommy, could you download — not that. How do I get out of here?! Could you download that?”

“Why doesn’t this thing move?”

“Well, what does it read to you?”

“Can I go outside?”

“What’s that? Can you read that?”

“Now can I go outside?”

“Can I keep these bugs?”

“Is this a caterpillar?”

“What does it eat?”

“What are they? Are they kids’ shoes?”

“So that’s what you needed to know?”

“Was that fast? Like Flash?”

“What are you looking at?”

“What’s this?”

“Can I use my chopsticks?”

“What comes after orange?” Sam answers, ‘orange.’ “Orange again??”

“What is next?”

“What about some tea?”


“I was wondering if we could go outside?”

“What is that supposed to be?”

“Do I have to write ‘Tom’ again?”

“Did I wear this on my head when I was little? Did I wear it like this? Or this?”

“Did I have that thingy when I as a baby? Or did I get it for Christmas?”

“Is that an ‘oo’ word?”

“Did I just put this near my eye?”

“Does ‘cat’ have a capital letter?”

“Is this grammar? Then science?”

“But why not science?”

“And what else? And then tomorrow science?”

“Why not science today?”

“Why don’t you like bugs?”

“Why do you laugh when I say ‘crunchy’?”

“And? And what? And that’s it?”

“‘Cause we’re going to gymnastics later?”

“Can we have a popsicle later?”

“And we’ll talk about it?”

“Mommy, could you do this color for that over there?”

“Mommy, will you help me color?”

“Does China still exist?”

“Are there a lot of people there?”

“What is China for ‘purple?'”

“Is that a boy or a girl?”

“What does this say? Is it ‘black?'”

“Your mother’s gone, right?”

“And do you miss her?”

“Do you think of her all the time?”

“Dreams are dreams? Pretty much?”

“Can I have my snack outside, pleeeeeeeease?”

“Like it?”

“Can I wear socks with sandals?”

“What is this word?”

“What is this word — it starts with a p, then e, r, s, o, n, a, l?”

“Why are those people climbing the rope?”

“Is that Sam in the gray shirt?”

“Can I go play with that boy?”

“Can I build this tomorrow?”

“Can I have tea tomorrow?”

“Can I watch something?”

“Did you say ‘wok?'”

“Why did you say ‘ring?'”

“No time for books tonight?”

“Can I wear this?”

“Can you make me fly?”

“What about Watson?”

“How did you get a boo boo?”

“What about Kevin kissy and huggy?”


I hope she never loses her curiosity.

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