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is it GameDay yet? what about Christmas?

Woo, what a game on Saturday! It was as tense as the LSU game, but with a better ending. This next Saturday is the Iron Bowl, and it’s gonna be a good one. I’ve got my ticket, do you?


It’s getting close to Thanksgiving, too. Thanksgiving is my sister’s favourite holiday, but I view it more as the beginning of Open Season for Christmas decorations. That’s just for my home, though. Nowadays most retail stores use Halloween as the benchmark.

I’m greatly looking forward to Christmas this year because I have an actual house to decorate. Last year I was in a tizzy to find the perfect Christmas tree, so this year I’m just in a tizzy about everything else. A few weekends ago my sister, my Mom and I raided some Birmingham-area stores for decorations, so I’m ahead of the curve. I’ve got everybody’s Christmas ornament save one, I found an excellent tree-topper — a woodland-type Santa wearing a nice green frock and looking very Dumbledoreish — and I found the perfect stocking holders that are made of wrought iron. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Soon I will need to work out a solution to last year’s problem of Kitties Eating the Fake Christmas Tree. I don’t want to be cleaning up bits of plastic green things mixed in cat spittle off the floors. I will also need to apply this fabled solution to the presents as well, or else Hermione will open them again. I still think the solution somehow involves hot sauce.

I do hope it will snow this Christmas. We came so freaking close last year. Someday I shall have a White Christmas: I shall call it Squishy and it shall be mine.

Unfortunately, I feel that today’s sticky, humid 77 degree day bodes ill for later snow chances.

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