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So I have been keeping up with this blog for a long time — since 2003. That’s over 14 years! But outside of one single post I haven’t touched very much on one of my life’s cornerstones: band.

From middle school through high school to college, band was my life. If you couldn’t find me, the first place to look was the band room. Once, I found my 6th Period Health classroom locked, lights out, no note . . . so I went to the band room. I was marked as skipping class and earned my only Saturday school detention. I’m a bit proud of that. Thanks, Coach Wilson.

Most of my friendships today originated in band. Both me and my sister first met our husbands in band. Band was the absolute shiznit . . but after three years of marching band in college I realized I needed to graduate someday, so 2000 was my last year.

And that was it. I had to replace music with horticulture, then came graduation, work, marriage, kids, and oh my god I’m 37.

And then last month a friend of mine (from band! — hi, Meredith!) tagged me in a post on Facebook about a band. A bonafide community band that anyone could join. So me and my little dinky set of bells I snagged for $30 from a local sale made my way up to Hipstertown.

And ohhh, I was so nervous! And so out of practice! And I sucked and hit wrong notes all over the place . . and I loved every second of it. Every sucky note was music to my ears, and I was surrounded by my people: Band Geek people.

After 17 years it all came flooding back: reading the music, memorizing the sticking, counting the long rests, and practicing until you can’t get it wrong. I have missed this, but it’s been so long I didn’t even realize it.

Last weekend we even had a Christmas concert! I was so nervous at first — there were a lot of people! — but as the music started I settled into Music Mode and then it was over much too soon. Despite the cold, I could have played for hours.

We will start up again after the New Year and I’m so excited to see what we will be playing next. My New Year’s Resolution for 2018 will be to memorize all my music before the next concert — then hopefully there will be less sucky notes and more awesomesauce.

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