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like it never even happened

Sam was having a bad day this morning. He was trying to play a new game on his Orange but it was frustrating him, and it eventually led to a bit of a meltdown. A meltdown so early in the day can bode ill for the Williams household.

I began a valiant effort to turn his day back around by suggesting he could make a video about all of his Godzillas. Sam sometimes fancies himself a YouTuber and is known to emit phrases such as, “Make sure you SLAM that like button!” or “Hey guys, welcome to another video!” I had been resisting the Godzilla video because I knew it would take up a lot of time . . . and gigabytes!

Suggesting the video idea to Sam got him in a better mood quickly, and so we made our video. He talked for thirty-two (32!!!) minutes about all of his Godzilla toys. He detailed each one, explained what he liked about them, and then arranged them for the camera. Very cute stuff.

Later this afternoon, I began the arduous task of editing the video in iMovie on my phone. I was able to cut that 32 minutes down to just 16, and I even added little text notes and flairs. It was now Super Cutetm.

But when I tried to save the video out of the iMovie app, it was fussing at me, saying it needed more hard space. Of course it does! There’s a 32 minute video on my phone, along with a 16 minute one! So I cleared up some space, shifted things off here and yonder, but no dice. It just wouldn’t work.

So I thought, “Well, the iMovie has the 16 minute file, so I don’t need the 32 minute one anymore!”


And then iMovie deigned to tell me how it worked — it still needed the original video to make that saved cut. And it is GONE.

Gone gone gone.

So Sam is in a good mood . . . but I’m pretty pissed at myself.

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