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kitchen complaints, episode eleven

My least favorite meal of the day is breakfast, especially on weekday mornings. The kids are hungry, ornery, and prone to make messes. They can take FOREVER to eat their meal, and they love to push each other’s buttons.

If I was in charge, I would ban breakfast.

But alas.

Yesterday morning was another usual weekday breakfast, and Lydia was being especially contrarian.

“The largest planet is HB100546b,” Sam informs everybody.

“No it’s not. It’s VY Scuti,” Lydia retorts.

“Biggest planet, not star,” Sam counters.

“You said ‘star,’ ” she continues.

Ugh. Time to end this. “Lydia, why are you always arguing with your brother during breakfast? Leave it be.”

“I do not always argue,” Lydia grumbles . . . and then it hits her.

“. . . oh.”

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