Crunchy Thoughts

The thoughts are crunchier here.

gameday? GAMEDAY!!!

Hey . . . it’s GAMEDAY!!! C’mere, puppy, sweet puppy . . . BAM!

But I probably ought to write about more than playing Miss State. Hmm, what to write . . .

I just woke up from 12 hours of sleeping. I was a tired Carrie, but not anymore. Stupid dreams, though. Mini excavators were flipping over and dirt kept piling up but not going anywhere and nothing was getting done and I was freaking out out out. Ugh. Where’s my coffee?

Oooh, it might be thinking about getting cooler around here. Yesterday morning when I got in my work truck I was just cold enough to nudge one knob over to the ‘red’ side and the other knob to ‘point at my feet’ side. Fabulous. Where are my jackets? I am ready and willing to freeze this winter.

Ahh, good coffee.

I’ll leave you with Hermione the Pants Gnome

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