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Ooh, GAMEDAY! Georgia game, too. You know it’s been a less than stellar season for both football programs when this game falls in the 11:30 a.m. slot. Ouch.

Well, War Eagle! ‘Tis my favorite game!


The other day I was going over a wordy eleven page ordinance concerning tree conservation for a city in the Birmingham area. It was quite specific and even brought up DBH — diameter at breast height — something I haven’t thought of since my Landscape Bidding, Installation, and Maintenance class.

Then it gets to the directions for applying for a permit: you identify the tree in question by common name. Common name? Seriously? Yeeesh. Linnaeus is rolling in his grave, people.

Ohhhhkay. Let’s test this jewel of a thought out.

Find me a Tulip Tree. Go on — I’ll wait. Here’s a hint for Google: it has tulip-like blooms.

. . . . .

. . . found it yet? Ooh, did you find TWO trees?

Yeah, that can happen. ‘Tulip Tree’ can mean either Liriodendron tulipifera or Magnolia X soulangeana. These trees are also called ‘yellow poplar’ and ‘saucer magnolia,’ respectively.

So what’s the point of eleven pages of mind-numbing specifics if you only want to be confused at the end of it all if only because you don’t want to take ten seconds to Google a scientific name? (As to that last link, it’s ‘vomitoria’ for a reason.)

What was the point of all that work on my end as well? Drs. Eakes, Ponder, Kessler, and Williams didn’t drill all that Latin into my head for naught. Almost six years later and it’s still there. I’m gonna use it.

City officials can use Google.

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