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yo gabba gabba made me cry

Lydia has taken up a new addiction recently — the kids’ show Yo Gabba Gabba. Oh, how enthralled she is!

Thankfully, it’s a pretty snazzy show and both Steven and I are able to sit through it. In fact, it can be rather entertaining. Thank God our child was not born during the Age of Barney the Dinosaur.

Saturday morning found the three of us parked on the sofa watching Lydia’s newest video and learning about Greetings, with the Daddy’s Girl parked in Steven’s lap.

As the characters began a song about “goodbye,” my mind began to travel as it does and I found myself upon a horribly sweet and simultaneously morbid thought. This song, with its words of, “Goodbye, see ya later, we had fun,” would be a good pick for a kids’ funeral.

Why why why do I think of stuff like this? I think a lot of women, especially moms, inadvertently come up with these torturous mind trails. When your kid takes a tumble down the stairs; before you’ve reached the bottom after them your mind has already gone through an entire worst-case scenario that ends up with you having to call everyone in your contact list . . . . only to reach the bottom of that long staircase and your child pops right up, saying,”Uh oh.” And my sister says I don’t plan ahead. Hrmmph.

So there I am watching Yo Gabba Gabba with my husband and daughter, trying with my utmost effort not to burst into tears as they sing goodbye.

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