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no vulgarity around the taco

The Husband and I thought that once Lydia arrived, our more swarthy habits would phase out on their own. That has proven to not be the case.

After a particularly loud burp while holding the girlie, we decided we should do something to curb our habits. The ‘quarter in a jar’ trick was quickly ruled out due to lack of quarters. Then I pounced on a plan.

“Okay, if I burp or cuss I have to wash the bottles (usually The Husband’s job) and if you burp or cuss you have to clean out the litter box (usually my job).”

“Whoa,” replies The Husband.

We had to think about it a minute before agreeing to the plan with farts added in. Both of these chores are completed on a daily basis and are abhorred by the other party. As a bonus, if one commits an error and is doomed to an extra chore, then all the more incentive for the other party to not commit a foul.

I knew I was going to be the first person to mess up. I knew this because while thinking I was going to mess up, “mess” wasn’t the word I was using in my mind.

Not ten minutes later, however, I was proven wrong when a loud belch was heard. I looked up to see a shocked expression on The Husband’s face, holding a smiling Lydia. He totally cleaned the litter box.

Of course, just as he was finishing up, I let loose with a loud belch while playing on the floor with Lydia. I found myself in the kitchen soon after, washing a mess of bottles and pump paraphernalia.

This is going to be really hard.

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  1. I looked at the video of Lydia and the peas and I see a great resemblance between her and Elizabeth now. Except for the mouth. That is so Steven’s mouth.