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nine month taco

Wow, this past month has been a busy one for Miss Lydia! This is the month she became mobile and the entire family’s lives have changed, including the cats’.

A few days into her ninth month we were playing on the floor when Lydia decided she’d really like to be closer to Hermione so she made an attempt. Success! The Husband, myself, and Lydia were pleased. The cats seemed worried.


And thus began my obsession with floor cleanliness. This can sometimes be difficult with the cats’ penchant for barfing in hard-to-clean areas but I have been keeping up with it. It is either that or let Lydia find an errant cat claw to test for chewiness. Note to Lydia: NOT CHEWY.

A few days after the Wonderful World of Crawling opened up, we woke up one morning to find out that sometimes snow in the forecast does indeed mean snow on the ground. We had a beautiful Snowy Sunday and Mommy got a ton of pics.

Exactly a week after our Snowy Sunday it was a balmy 80 degrees when we headed to the Zoo with our friends to see all the animals. Lydia enjoyed being outside and watching all the people around her. One of the flamingos honked at her and she thought that was rather rude.

As Lydia crawled around and became more exploratory we began to realize that soft toys that just sit there don’t seem to keep her interest as they once did. Now she wants her toys to DO something. One night The Husband pulled out a loud, obnoxious toy she got for Christmas — her Aunt and Uncle picked it out because of said loudness — and she was in heaven. We only finally stopped playing that night because she was about to fall flat asleep, much to her irritation.

It still was a sickly month — there were two (I think) ear infections but now that it’s warming up hopefully we’ll all be healthier. Poor Lydia got so used to the antibiotic syringe she would just lay back and take her medicine, swallowing it back with a sour face. We are now antibiotic-free for a full five days and counting, and that can put a smile on anyone’s face.

A wiggling, scooting Lydia has been the biggest, most sudden change in the household since the girlie actually arrived and we’ve all had to make adjustments. I actually clean the floor, The Husband is inventive with new things to amuse her plus ways to keep her away from ALL THE CORDS, Renton has had to widen his clearance pattern, and Hermione is getting used to letting herself be caught and/or poked in the eye. And just wait ’till she gets fast!

She is a girlie on the go. Below is the fruit of a lot of labor, so I hope you really really really like this picture.

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