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sick taco, the sequel times [large_number]

I spoke too soon about the antibiotics thing. Poor Miss Lydia came up with a fever last Friday and I knew it was another ear infection; that just seems to be her forté. By that evening she was swigging down a NEW! TASTIER! antibiotic, though the NEW! was mainly so her infection wouldn’t get immune to the regular stuff. Tubes for the ears were mentioned and an appointment was set to discuss it.

She was back to her happy self again the next day and we even ventured back out to the zoo again. This time, she had a hat.

Today, though, I got a call at work from her daycare. She was lethargic and didn’t want to play; she just wasn’t my happy girl. By the time I came to pick her up she was starting to run a fever again.

The doctor checked her out and her little ears are still infected. She got a huge shot and we’re heading back Friday anyway for our consultation about the possibility of tubes.

My poor girlie. Will she ever know of a life without the syringe of sticky medicine? Will doctors ever quit poking her with shots? Will she ever successfully get a hold of Mommy’s necklace to chew on? Stay tuned!

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  1. Dr. Boyd did both of our boys tubes. I highly recommend him. Walker’s stayed in for 2 1/2 years and Eli’s are still in after a year. It totally changed their little lives. They immediately got so much healthier. Hope you here good news of Friday.