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update: growing taco

Lydia hits the big 15-monther next week, if you can believe it. She’s way past toddling now, she’s practically running sometimes. She is going light-speed through time; I can’t keep up mentally, physically, or with clothes that fit. Thank goodness for Grandma!

Over the past few weeks, Lydia is starting to find her voice can shape syllables, and syllables can maybe sometimes sorta refer to objects among us. When prompted, she can say “burr” (bird), “baaah” (ball), “fffff!” (off), and “daaah!” (anything positive, like ‘on,’ ‘daddy,’ or ‘yay’). Now The Husband and I are REALLY having to watch our language. I completely failed at this during a round of Super Mario Bros 3 yesterday. I forget how frustrating that game is. Give me the Wii and multiple save points any day.

She is still my morning girl, always has been since she was a itty bitty thing. Once the sun is up she is ready to play and you’re guaranteed giggles and some good pictures. As the evening wears on she is more apt to be ornery, especially if a nap was interrupted.

It’s just nutty that a year ago Miss Lydia was three months old and we were eagerly awaiting the arrival of her cousin. Now we are just eagerly awaiting Miss Elizabeth’s first birthday party. It shall be a wondrous hoot.

Earlier today Lydia reached out for my hand. I gave it to her and then she proceeded to lead me around the house. Having never done this before, she didn’t seem to have an end goal in mind. I suppose she just felt ready to lead me around the same way I have led her from one room to the next. Someday Lydia will see how she has led me to so many places already.

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