Crunchy Thoughts

The thoughts are crunchier here.


It’s the eve before The Husband gets back from his week-long trip. I am so nervous. This weekend is going to be a fun-filled shebang of birthday celebrations and a zoo visit with my sister and her flock, so I haven’t yet decided if I will let him know before or after. I’m leaning towards before, mainly because I’m tired of knowing all by my lonesome. It’s been a long week.

At least I’ve figured out how to let him know. Lydia will write him a note, with my help. She wants to know if she will be able to be the boss.

Surprisingly, I’ve already noticed the in-comings of that horrible pregnancy nausea feeling. I won’t feel hungry forever, then I’ll get that hollow-in-the-pit-of-my-stomach feeling that is quite strong and practically unbearable, but the moment I start eating food I feel full to the point of nauseated again. What gives? I thought I had a few more weeks before this started!

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