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sputnik; six months in orbit

Sam reached the big Six Months Old way back on December 2nd. Life has a tendency to keep on happening and I’m just now finding a bit of sweet time to sit down and reminisce.

First things first; I have been meaning to proclaim to the heavens that Sam’s tests on his kidneys and bladder system came out great, so the UTI he had was hopefully a one-time thing. My theory, which in no way is based on any medical knowledge, is Sam first had his reaction to the cereal, and this reaction somehow made his body more susceptible in some way to an infection and the urinary system fell victim first. Everything’s tied together somehow. Anyway . . .

Sam had a great month, especially since we did not feed him any cereal. He is a growing boy, though, and he is wanting to eat more and more frequently. Sleeping through the night has long been a thing of the past. Sometimes he even eats twice during the night. Thankfully both Sam and Mommy are able to fall right back asleep after that blurry-eyed 1:00 a.m. feeding.

Next week, we start trial-and-error feeding with cereal again.

Sam worked on filling his library of facial expressions this month. Just like his sister, playtime for Sam is a very serious thing and you will find him concentrating very intently on whatever is meant to entertain him at the time. The Excersaucer brings on the most excellent expressions from him.

Smiles are a different matter. He will smile very easy for Steven and I, but he saves his best for Lydia. The moment she runs in the room his eyes lock on her. No one else in the world makes him smile like she does.

Though Sam’s certainly got the muscle strength to do it, he’s not all that keen on rolling over much. I should find him a onesie that says “Tummy Time: DO NOT WANT.” He’d much rather be held. He has discovered the Wonderful World of Standing and is happy to do that for hours, or until your arms get tired.

We celebrated Thanksgiving this past month. I was just happy to not be pregnant (yay for mulled wine!) and Sam enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather outside. Maybe next year he can have some dressing.

So, half a year wrapped up. It has certainly been an eventful one. Here’s hoping the other half will be more mellow, but I think Sam likes to lead an exciting life.


  1. The best smile for Lydia reminds me of your sister. At Sam’s age she would smile for Mama and me, but saved her best for when you walked into the room. … something about big sisters I guess.

  2. I found your blog through a random internet search for “FPIES” and “bladder infection.” Interestingly enough, I have a 3 mo old who had a reaction to rice cereal and showed some signs of a UTI. I am also convinced these two facts are tied together somehow. It is interesting that you had the same experience. At any rate, good luck with the FPIES and thank goodness your child is doing better!