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sputnik; eleven months in orbit

Yay, yay, the sputnik post is on time — wait . . . oh. Ha ha.

Yes, Sam turned 11 months old back on May 2nd; my 31st birthday. I happened to be home sick that day, then life just continued from there. I’ve been sick twice and Sam is sick right now. Lydia tried and failed to get sick.

FIrst things first, I did find my video recorder and uploaded the video of Sam starting to crawl. Here it is below for your enjoyment. Oh, and I was wrong about the music blasting — it was The Decemberists.

He is much, much, MUCH faster than this now.

His teeth-popping has slowed down some. After he sprouted that lower one the day after he passed the 10 month marker, there have been no more teeth. Right now he looks a bit off-balance with only three teeth on the bottom.

We continued with various flavors of baby foods. I tried a few more grains like wheat and corn which Sam had no problems with. He is also doing well with a bit of milk laced in with the remaining breastmilk I have stocked in the freezer. So far, Sam seems able to eat anything, so long as it’s not rice.

Sam pulls up on a few things, but his main passion right now is still crawling. He is one fast dude. One afternoon when I got home with the kids to find that Renton had barfed all around the living room. “Ewwww! Cat nasty!” Lydia exclaimed over and over again, while I tried to corral the kids away from the barf and begin to clean it up at the same time. As I was about to work on the biggest pile, Sam ran up behind me quicker than a jackrabbit and grabbed a handful of ‘cat nasty’ before I could blink an eye. Lydia’s ewww-ing while I washed Sam’s hand in the sink while he screamed, watching his prize being washed away. Like I said, he’s fast.

Of course, all that crawling and cat-nasty-grabbing and Lydia-toy-stealing can wear a boy out. He typically falls out between 6:30 and 7:00 p.m., sleeping through the night until I rustle him up around 6:30 the next morning. Ahh, such a pleasant change from about four months ago.

So less than one month ’till the big one. We’re in the gauntlet big-time now, with party-plannings and picture scheduling, haircuts (I’m thinking Sam is going to need one soon), cake baking, etc. And remember, this is for TWO birthdays with Lydia pushing three, plus Steven’s 30th is coming up. But I’ll pull a Scarlett and think about that tomorrow. We’ll do Sam’s birthday first then shower attention on the rest as they come. Woo, party time!

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