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sam plus guacamole equals

While I’m driving somewhere with both kids in the car, Lydia will usually take it upon herself to provide commentary on her surroundings, be it the trees or cars outside or whatever it is Sam is doing.

“Look, Mommy — look! There’s trees! Look, Mommy — Sam’s sleeping! No, Sam’s awake! Sam dropped his toy! Sam’s laughing! Sam, Sam, hey SAM!”

As we were heading to their daycare the other day, Lydia began to provide her usual interpretation of the goings-on in the backseat.

“Sam, Sam, hey Sam! Sam’s laughing! Sam! Sam poop. Poop, Mommy. Poop. POOP! Mommy, Sam, poop. I see poop, Mommy. Mommy! Mommy, I see poop! POOP!”

I knew Sam had been busy back there because I heard his telltale grunting, so I was hoping beyond hope that Lydia had just gone a bit reactionary over Sam’s khaki shorts. When we pulled into the daycare parking lot I quickly got out, fingers crossed, to asses the situation in the back seat.

I first saw Sam’s little hand, which looked smeared in peanut butter frosting. “Poop!” Lydia exclaimed. Sam looked up at me and started to laugh. He was sitting, nay, surrounded by a nice squishy mess all in his carseat.

Well, I just busted out laughing. I think I would have cried otherwise. Sam laughed back at first until he sensed the touch of panic in my laugh which caused him to start crying. That made me shape up real quick and I began to tackle the problem. Amid Lydia’s cries of “poop!,” I got Sam out of his seat and the three of us headed into the daycare with me holding Sam out at arm’s length. Everyone gave me a wide berth.

We got into Sam’s room with Lydia leading the way. She announced to Sam’s teacher, “Sam pooped!” They graciously began to handle Sam while I quickly got Lydia tucked away then went back out to grab the carseat. Sam eventually got a little bath in the sink while I wrestled the cover off the carseat so it could be washed.

All that before 8:00 a.m.!

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