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sputnik; twelve months in orbit (one earth year!)

And here we are, back to June again — let the birthdays commence!

First up is my little Samwise, who is finally one year old. I say ‘finally,’ but it really has gone by at warp speed. What a year, man; what a year.

Once I realized we had less than a month until Sam’s First Birthday I knew I had to get him rolling with real food, pronto. After all, I did want him to be able to have some cake when he turned one. So in defiance of what the allergist has said, we began a crash course in new foods. If it was food, we gave it to him, so long as it didn’t have rice in it. Cheese toast, baloney sandwiches, Moon Pies — Sam ate it all with relish. He realized he had been missing out.

Sam is much less picky about foods than Lydia was at this stage. I hope this means he’ll be my little meat-eater. I’m not used to a kid that will eat whatever you give him. He even ate barbecue and cayenne-seasoned sweet potatoes at his birthday party!

And of course, he was able to dig into some cake.

Sam added another tooth to his collection this past month, which helps even out his bottom set. In addition, this past Sunday I found two more had sprouted on top, which brings us to eight teeth! Sam’s getting ready for pork chops.

We went for the first swim of the season over Memorial Day weekend (it was certainly hot enough!), and after a few minutes of unsure fussing, Sam decided he was a Pool Fan. He splashed and giggled in everyone’s arms and eventually moved to the starfish float. After three years, Lydia has changed her mind about the pool and she is now also a Pool Fan. I’ve got two little fish!

Though Sam isn’t walking yet, he’s a superfast crawler, and he loves to be where his sister is. She still makes him laugh like no one else can. Soon, he will be running right along with her.