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no more moon pies

Last week Sam had his checkup with the friendly neighborhood allergist. The doctor got to hear my roaring tale of Our Vacation: Amoxicillin Reaction Blues. I also pointed out this funny little rash Sam had picked up over the past month. It has seemed like dry skin to me, so I have been slathering the Cetaphil on him whenever he would stop wiggling long enough. Sadly, not even the mighty Cetaphil has been able to buff away this sandpapery skin.

It was quickly determined that Sam was exhibiting a classic case of exzema. Well, I should’ve seen that coming. What really came out of left field, however, was another round of skin testing, since exzema can sometimes be a sign of an egg allergy. So Happy Sam was quickly transformed into an Infuriated Sam as his back was poked and written on with a barely-functioning ballpoint pen. He quickly calmed down as I carried him around the office so he could court all the nurses.

And sure as shootin’, there it was: an itchy little welt for eggs.

Along with some totally awesome creams (I’m so jealous) for Sam’s skin, we got marching orders: no egg, no mayonnaise, no meringue, no cakes, cookies, pancakes or waffles with egg in them, egg noodles, some macaroni products, many fried foods (Zaxby’s comes to mind), and for heaven’s sake, read the label.

It’s been a few days and Sam’s skin is already so much better. I’m still working out how to deal with him on the food end. It’s tough to completely eliminate eggs, especially from a growing boy who wants to and will eat ANYTHING. He is so unlike his sister. One would think this would be fairly easy for me to deal with since I have done so for most of my own life, but it’s one thing if you’re doing it for yourself, but a completely different situation when it’s for your kid. Especially one who doesn’t know what he can or can’t have. All he does know is THAT CUPCAKE LOOKS AWESOME AND I SHALL EAT IT.

Time to find a Sam-friendly cupcake recipe.

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