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7/18/99 Day 10 “‘Nother Long Bus Ride Day”

[ A continuation of my travel diary from when I traveled Europe in the summer of 1999. — Present-day Carrie]

Yeah, we’re on the bus again. Hopefully it won’t bus this time. Heading down to Florence.

Yesterday was very spiffy. We walked around Lutzern, & this was the first time when I felt a great desire to actually spend copious amounts of money. I got a Swiss watch necklace thing that has a drawing of the sculpture of the dying lion on the back (Steven got the chain for me isn’t he sweet!) but I cheated and used my American Express card. Steven got a really nice pen. I also found a nice pearl necklace for Cathy, & a genuine Swiss Army knife for Dad. And hold on, I gotta drag out my passport . . .

Oh, never mind. Don’t need it. We just crossed over to Italy. Anyhoo, we also went up to Mt. Pilatus, the mountain where it’s said that Pilot Pilatus was buried or something like that. It was amazing up there. So high up. Almost too high up. I slipped once & scared the poop out of me. I wish we could stay in Switzerland longer.

Oh, first thing I’ve noticed about Italy. The tunnels. My God the tunnels. And they’re dark so I have to stop writing. Guess it’s cause of all the mountains, which are magnificent.

Dave seems to like Italy. First country he’s overwhelmingly splurged about.

Swiss ducks (bigger)

Swiss Big Ben (bigger)

Lucerne from a boat (bigger)

Lucerne with contrails (bigger)

Views of the river (bigger)

More views of the river (bigger)

Oooh . . . Ahhh . . . (bigger)

Oooh . . . (bigger)

Aaah . . . (bigger)

Oooh . . . (bigger)

The last aaaah for a while (bigger)

Gotta light? (bigger)

*It was somewhere in Switzerland that KenandAngie became just Ken and Angie. Thankfully, there wasn’t much angst for the rest of the trip. At least, I don’t remember any. Once again, Ken could enlighten us.

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