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7/20/99 Day 12 “Bus, bus, & more Bus Day”

[We continue to look back at my travel diary that I kept during the summer of 1999 when I traveled through Europe for two weeks. In Italy, I learned how to say, “No nuts,” in Italian. — Present-day Carrie]

Hey, noticed I slipped a day. Word to the wise: don’t eat Italian food, Especially when you’re allergic to it. I was sick all yesterday. Haven’t been sick like that in a long long time. Not very fun.

But this morning we saw Michelangelo’s David, which was really neat. There’s so much emotion in his face. & now we’re on the bus heading for Rome. Yesterday I saw Michelangelo’s grave, & Dante’s, & the guy that wrote the Barber of Seville. But now I’m tired & I’ll probably take a nap.

Il Duomo (bigger)

More Il Duomo (bigger). All I had to do — all I had to do — was walk around to the front of the baptistry there, just a few more steps, and I would have seen Ghiberti’s bronze doors. But did I? Noooooo. So much I missed in Florence. So much.

Where we were at (bigger)

Horrible freakin’ picture (bigger), only included for the sake of truthiness.

Working towards David (bigger)

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