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7/22/99 Day 14 “Pompeii Day”

[A continuation of my travel diary I kept during my Grande Tour de Europe: 1999. I’m typing it up for posterity. Or something. — Present-day Carrie]

[horrible handwriting; worse than usual] On the bus going back to Rome from Pompeii. Can you tell? Really really nifty. Got oodles of pictures.

Italy needs to do something about their roads. They’re quite bumpy.

We have to get up at 4 in the morning though. Egad. Probably gonna save my sleep for the plane. Oh what I would give for my own hair conditioner. Angie got the wrong one & my hair has hated it for 2 weeks.

I also wanna go to the Galleria & spend American money on stupid American stuff.

Journey to Pompeii (bigger)

Pompeian casualties (bigger)

Various columns (bigger)

Floors, Doors, and Ceilings (bigger)

Edge of a water basin (bigger)

Penis art (bigger, heh heh)

Various Pompeian things (bigger)

More Penis Art (bigger), this actually served as a sign for a whorehouse

Good view of Pompeii (bigger)

Another good view of Pompeii (bigger)

Storefronts (bigger)

Steven enjoys a beverage (bigger). This is the place where Paul accidentally left his camera. At least it was at the end of the trip.

Driving back from Pompeii (bigger). On the way back from Pompeii, the bus stopped in Naples so everyone could run down to the Mediterranean Sea. I was too tired to get out of the bus. Stupid Carrie

Paul does the “chin thing.” (bigger)

Packing to go (bigger)

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