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July 8, 2018
by Carrie
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dewey is a great organizer

My books are all carefully arranged via the Dewey Decimal System (heavy on the history and life sciences): . . . and then there’s Steven’s Computer Languages section (just heavy):

July 15, 2016
by Carrie
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“Sam, come get your shit out of my room!” I hear Lydia scream across the house. Sam mumbles incoherently, so Lydia yells again, “Sam! I said to come and get your shit!” What?! Surely I am mishearing her. I quickly … Continue reading

November 30, 2015
by Carrie
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the tree + one, 2015

And now, ladies and gentlemen . . . The Tree, 2015. Once again, the smaller tree is Lydia’s responsibility. Total lights on the tree: 2,930; a new record! Times the cat has eaten the tree and barfed: 0! Times I’ve … Continue reading