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This week, the Tooth Fairy made a somewhat premature visit to our house. Surprise!


So what happened? Well, way back a few years ago — and may I point out here how weird it is to talk about “a few years ago” and still be referencing the children — Lydia crashed and burned on her bike when she was a wee toddler and busted up her front teeth. I even wrote a post about it. Since then, we’ve watched and watched those teeth and they’ve been okay. Kinda stubby, but okay.

Starting last summer, they slowly began to not be so okay, then soon after my kidney stone debacle we noticed some funny business going on around one of the teeth. So after a couple of dentist visits, I had to tell Lydia what was going to happen.

“Baby,” I said, “Your two front teeth are sick and have to come out. The dentist will give you some medicine so it won’t hurt. And then we get to take the teeth home. You remember how Muno lost his teeth on Yo Gabba Gabba? And he put them under his pillow and the Tooth Fairy came? Well, the Tooth Fairy will come see you tonight.”

At that she let out a huge whoop of delight and kicked me out into the waiting room, where I sat, a nervous wreck, for 30 minutes.

Sure enough, the Tooth Fairy stopped by and left two gold dollar coins that night. Lydia’s quite ecstatic over them and isn’t quite ready to go shopping yet. She’s been a very good sport through all this and has taken it much better than her parents.

It feels like it will be forever before she’s seven and her permanent teeth will show up. Hopefully by then both kids will knock themselves about less.



  1. We have been waiting for this post. You handled it quite well. It will be interesting to see what other “adventures” they put you through over the years 🙂

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