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hop back on again

This weekend has been the first nice weekend in two months and it was time to GET OUTSIDE. Yesterday Lydia went to the zoo with her cousin Elizabeth.

Today the men are still working on The Project downstairs so Lydia and I went outside to enjoy the day. We took out her scoot-about tricycle that she got for Christmas so she could finally try it outdoors and she was having a blast. She rode all around the driveway while I snapped picture after picture of her.

At one point she went NASCAR and made the same circle loop over and over again around the bit of brick wall that separates the two garage doors. She giggled and smiled while going, “Wheeee!” whenever someone walked by her.

Then on the 52nd turn, there was a crash and a wail as Lydia faceplanted off of her bike. She was covered in sawdust, blood, and tears so we hightailed it upstairs to clean her up.

Once she was as doctored as much as she would let me do, she wanted right back outside. Once outside, she went straight to her bike and hopped back on, swollen lip and all.

That’s the spirit, baby.