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long sleeves

“Sam, are you looking forward to drums later?” I ask.

“Yes!” Sam replies. “I am really excited about wearing long sleeved clothes!” He steps forward to reveal his outfit: a grey long-sleeve shirt with orange stripes matched with a tight pair of blue and neon green long pants.

“Baby, you can’t wear those pants out. They’re loungy pants.”

“No they’re not!”

“They are, Baby.”

Well . . . then I officially declare them OUTSIDE PANTS.”

“Honey, they’re long underwear. They’re not meant as outside pants.”

“Long underwear? What the heck is long underwear?”

“It’s like underwear, Baby, but long sleeves. Look, it has this little hole here,” I gesture and show him the weird little hole slot thing that I’ve never known a guy to use, yet here we are.

Sam stares at me, incredulous. “WHY WOULD ANYONE MAKE LONG-SLEEVED UNDERWEAR?!”

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